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Remove compacted wisdom teeth.


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Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal in Glen Allen, VA

Impacted wisdom teeth are more than just uncomfortable. They can cause dental issues down the line. Make sure you are doing something about them before they develop into major, costly problems by scheduling an appointment with United Smiles Glen Allen.

With wisdom teeth removal in Glen Allen, VA, from our dentist, you are able to keep overcrowding from becoming an issue. Some of the different reasons for you to come into our office for a wisdom tooth removal include:

Fewer Orthodontic Problems - Crowding in your mouth can end up damaging molars and throwing your entire mouth out of alignment. By removing them, you can avoid needing expensive corrective surgery to address teeth misalignment or other damage.

Prevent Damage to Other Teeth - Pressure from an incoming wisdom tooth can actually end up weakening the roots of nearby teeth. They can also grind away enamel, which makes your other teeth more vulnerable to cavities.

Decreased Risk of Inflammation & Oral Disease - Impacted wisdom teeth commonly cause inflammation of the gums, which can end up affecting your nerves and causing infections that enter your bloodstream. These infections can end up causing sepsis, which can become life-threatening.

Reduce Orofacial Pain - Wisdom teeth can create a lot of pressure in your mouth, which can lead to gum and tooth sensitivity. Removing this pressure can help alleviate that pain as well as reduce the potential of chronic headaches.