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Lasting Dental Crowns & Bridges in Glen Allen, VA

When you have damaged teeth, you don't have to live with a broken smile. Instead, come to our family dentist to learn all about the restorative properties of dental crowns and bridges in Glen Allen, VA.

United Smiles Glen Allen helps you remove blemishes and improve the function of your teeth with our excellent restoration services. There are benefits to both dental crowns as well as dental bridges, and our helpful staff will make sure you have all of the information necessary to understand why we recommend a procedure and how it will help you in the long run. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our dentist today to learn more.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Protection & Restoration of Tooth Structure - One of the best protective treatments available to save a threatened tooth
Aesthetics - Dental crowns are made to look just like natural teeth, which help to restore and improve smiles
Durability - Crowns are one of the longest-lasting dental restorations available

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Advantage of Dental Bridges

Functional Restoration - Dental bridges help you restore your dental functionality so you can chew, eat, and speak efficiently.
Force Distribution - The structure of the bridge distributes chewing force equally to make it easier and help you avoid further dental damage.
Aesthetics - Ceramic bridges look like natural teeth which mean you can smile with confidence.
Durability - Bridges are built to last, which means they tend to last much longer than some other dental restoration options.